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SMBs Can't Afford to Ignore SEO

With global competition heating up, most businesses simply can't afford to ignore SEO as a part of their marketing and branding mix. Below are four steps businesses can use to incorporate SEO into their current marketing strategy.  The first step involves analyzing your keywords, content, code (and other factors) to determine how well your site is optimized for your target audience and the terms they search for. A proper website audit also looks for missing tags or other errors that are holding your site back.  This step is similar to the first step but here you're analyzing the websites for your competitors. By utilizing competitive intelligence, you can uncover hidden opportunities and identify aspects of their site or strategy that Google is currently rewarding. You can then incorporate those same strategies into your own plans.  For the second step of your strategy, you will build and prioritize a list of keywords and search phrases relevant to your target audience (i.e., the terms consumers are typing in when looking for products or services like yours). This list will later be used to develop content optimized to rank for those specific keywords and phrases.  In order to get to where you want to be, you must first understand where you are. At this stage, you will need to take an inventory of all the keywords and phrases you rank for as well as the corresponding page or URL for those keywords. Use this initial report as a baseline to measure improvements as you optimize and to prioritize pages of importance for further optimization.  Step 3: Content planning and optimization This stage involves utilizing your keyword and ranking information, as well as the competitive intelligence data you compiled, to develop a content plan to meet your business's objectives. For example, prioritizing keywords and phrases with buyer intent can help your business capitalize on low-hanging fruit early on, driving revenue that can be invested into curating content targeted to broader, higher-traffic search phrases.  Step 4: Monitoring, testing and ongoing implementation SEO optimization is an ongoing process, not a one-time event.

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